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GooseWhile Canada geese are a majestic sight to behold as they fly through the air in their characteristic V-shaped formations, they’re much less beautiful when they’re being a nuisance on your property. The noise, odor and damage just isn’t worth it – and a small problem with these critters can quickly become a large one. These ubiquitous waterfowl can cause damage to vegetation and leave their waste littering your yard, garden and pond.

Geese got you down?

Are you having geese problems? Call Critter Control today at (574) 825-1079 in South Bend and Elkhart,
or (260) 632-5106 in the Fort Wayne area and our trained staff will be there to help with your geese removal.

What Do Geese Look Like?

These birds boast an impressive wingspan, up to six feet long, despite their bodies only being two to three feet long. As with many bird species, males are slightly larger and weigh a bit more than females – up to about 25 pounds.

Canada geese look much like large ducks, save for their long, slender necks that are more characteristic of swans. Unlike swans, however, these critters are less elegant in coloration. With a beige or brown body, white chest and chinstrap and stark black neck, Canada geese have a very distinctive appearance.

Where Do Geese Live?

Native to North America, Canada geese migrate seasonally: north in the summer and south in the winter. These birds set up home near sources of vegetation or food and near water. While parks and farms are ideal spots for them to nest, they’ve also adapted to suburban and urban environments. Because they’re so adaptable, it’s near-impossible to find an area free from their reign of terror. They’ve spread beyond their native habitat and are found in all corners of the world and in all manner of climates and conditions – even the arctic.

What Problems do Geese Cause?

Geese don’t typically enter homes, but they’ll make quick work of your garden and leave your yard in shambles. It’s not likely you’ll find one in your home unless it’s very lost, in which case you’ll need a professional to help ASAP, as a scared goose can be hard to control. They won’t, however, hesitate to make themselves at home in your yard, field or even your pool.

And while geese don’t typically pose a problem to people or pets if given enough space, geese routinely fed by humans can become demanding, territorial and aggressive. Once they lose their fear of human interaction or feel crowded or otherwise irritated, geese can turn their frustrations on people, children and pets – including biting and chasing after anyone they think has food or who disturbs them.

Geese defecate every 20 minutes, which can add up to a large amount of fecal matter in a small area in a very short amount of time. In addition to the aesthetic damage caused by goose droppings, they also serve as a vector for disease, with the potential to spread diseases like E. coli, listeria, salmonella and giardia.  These droppings pose a hazard to humans and pets and can lead to potential contamination of nearby water sources.

How to Identify and Remedy a Goose Infestation

One sure sign of a goose infestation or problem is the presence of goose droppings. The sight of a goose nest is also an indicator, and live geese present on your property indicate a growing problem. Vegetation that’s been eaten, stripped bare or trampled coupled with the above signals a very big problem.

If geese have decided your yard is ideal for their purposes, the best course of action is to contact a wildlife expert from Critter Control. Because there are federal protections that prevent trapping, a fully licensed professional is your only hope in removing a goose infestation from your property.

How Critter Control Can Help

The animal control experts at Critter Control can help humanely, safely and legally trap and remove geese from your yard, farm or property. They can also help identify landscaping and protective measures that will make your property less enticing to further visits from these feathery critters.

If you feel like you need help handling a goose problem, give us a call a (574) 825-1079 to rid yourself of these pests.